Sunday, October 29, 2006

As the election draws near...

the importance of the Iraq conflict as a basis for your vote cannot be overstated. Thousands of Americans have lost their lives, tens of thousands seriously wounded, hundreds of thousand Iraqi's, mostly non-combatants, have been killed. It is clear that this illegitimate military occupation was based on lies, misrepresentations and miscalculations. If our mission was to rid the country of tyrants and terrorists, only the opposite effect has been achieved. It is clear to me, that when we eventually leave Iraq, it will not be with a secure US friendly democracy ruling the country, but in the midst of a brutal civil war, that we cannot, nor should not play a role. Therefore, why should we prolong this occupation, lose more of our sons and daughters to death and mutilation. What is to be gained by continuing this flawed policy?

If this election offers a choice in your state, as it does in mine, of electing a representative that supports 'staying the coarse' versus one that advocates a timetable for withdrawal, vote for the candidate most likely to put a swift end to this unjustifiable, illegal war. Here in the state of Connecticut, we have a choice between Lieberman, and Lamont. Lieberman is no less than Bush's lap dog. He has been an opportunist throughout his Senate tenure, skipping votes when they may be a political liability. His pockets are bulging with corporate contributions from which he will be forever owing favors. Lamont takes a strong stand against this war, and for universal healthcare. If you live in Connecticut, I urge you to VOTE LAMONT! If you don't live in Connecticut, it is likely that a similar choice is before you. Vote to end the war in Iraq.

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