Friday, June 18, 2004

Radio for the People

My newest obsession... Radio for the people, 91.7 WHUS Storrs CT. I've jumped in headfirst after being turned on to it by my son. If I can get through the 6 weeks of classes and lab requirements and cut a demo tape, I will get my own radio show. Besides all the cool geeky stuff with the control boards and all the technology involved in radio broadcast, the socio-political aspect of college radio is just as fascinating.

Only 1/5 (87-92mHz) of the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum known as FM radio is designated as Non-Commercial radio. All points to the right of that frequency, 80% of the FM band, has become a vast wastland of broadcast air. In this day of mass media marketing, commercial radio is no more than a conduit for pushing products to the 18-24 year old demographic. What is worse, is that all the radio stations are owned by the same 5 or 6 media conglomerates that control the music, news and commentary. So, every station basically plays the same music, sells the same products and controls your entertainment choices and BTW will dare not use the airwaves to present alternative viewpoints that may offend its advertisers or the political-economic system in general.

Then there is non-commercial radio. An alternative voice. The left side of the dial is an oasis of free speech, alternative news and music of every variety and taste. If I make it through the program, and get my own show of Jazz, Fusion, Electronic and beyond, it will be an honor and a priviledge to serve the listening audience (what little of it there may be!). It will also be a lot of fun, access to tons of music, and an association with many cool folks that are dedicated to Radio For The People. thanks Dave!

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