Saturday, April 03, 2004

Billy's Big Adventure

Bill Driggs is my co-worker with whom I share some office space at work. He is a Tri-Athalon athlete and adventurer. He has joined the Connecticut Everest Expedition, a group of 7 CT residents that are climbing Mt. Everest. They left this week. One of the climbers is a Hartford Courant Photographer, and the Courant is reporting on their trip with weblogs and video's being sent back almost daily (requires registering with CTNow). It's a great read. Sitting next to Bill at the office, its been mind blowing listening to him making preparations; making travel arrangements to Banghkok, Katmandu, Nepal; getting funding and sponsorship for the expensive gear. Having read accounts of climbing Mt Everest from the book Into Thin Air, I have some knowledge of what Billy is in for. Your crazy, man! Billy, be safe, don't take chances, come back healthy!!

My part in his preparation?.... Bill bought a mini-iPod, and I loaded it up with tunes. He'll be bringing up Miles, Trane, Jimi, Methany and a bunch of other tunes I gave him to the top of the world. Cool.

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