Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Its the end of the Baseball season. Beloved Mets end up in last place... Manager Bobby V gets the boot. This time its deserved. Mets acquired an array of "talent", and its up to the manager to get the boys to play up to their abilities and to play as a team. Just didn't happen. Now for post-season. Watched a couple games last night. Go Twins! Let's see anyone get to the World Series except Yanks and Braves.

End of season also means end of Fantasy Baseball league. It was a good year with a photo-finish. Unfortunately, my team tanked in September, after spending a good portion of the year in-the-money. It will kill me to pay off the evil-doer. Maybe I'll just sit on the money for a few months...I think that is fitting under the current circumstances (state of my 401K).

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