Thursday, September 19, 2002

What's with George Bush's obsession with going to war against Iraq? I just don't see the justification for this. Really, I know Saddam is an evil man. There's no shortage of those throughout the world. But, since the last war, over 10 years ago, has he invaded his neighbors? Has he been directly tied to al-Queda or terrorist acts against the US or our allies? Has there been any evidence that he possesses nuclear weapons? Listening to the Bush administration statements, they are careful to say that Sadam possesses the capacity to develop nuclear or chemical weapons... well so do the Saudi's, Iranians, Soviets, and many other countries.

IMHO, Bush is too quick to sacrifice the lives of Americans and others in an obsessive quest to settle the score of Bush Sr.'s war. If Saddam were to be overthrown, who will rule? What government is ready to take Saddam's place and keep the peace? I say keep the diplomatic and economic pressure on with sanctions, boycotts etc. Those efforts are close to yielding the return of weapons inspectors. Our efforts should be focused on the war on terror. We can keep Sadam in check without the heavy costs of all-out war.

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