Thursday, May 30, 2002

Guess its safe to talk of it now. The nightmare of the last couple of months is nearly over. I'm talking about my employment at Miller Johnson Printing. The company has been in a financial downward spiral. Its been an extremely unpleasant place to work. New management will come in shortly, and it was obvious that I was not going to play a role in the companies future.

The search for a new job was long and difficult, but at last a deal was struck. I was offered a position as Vice President of Technology at Sweet Waverly Printing. A fine company of good people, making sound business decisions, in need of getting to the next technological level... and I'm the guy to do it!

Good bye and good ridence to (the new) Miller Johnson... Hello, Sweet Waverly. I anxiously await meeting the challenge ahead. Its a new beginning for me, and I intend to make the best of it!

The full story has yet to be told. Perhaps it is best to wait till a clean break has been made... Stay tuned to the Brain Drain for further details!

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