Wednesday, August 29, 2001

First day of school for the kids. Its one of those life events that, still after 13 years, tugs at your heartstrings. It reminds you of the joy of bringing up a family and takes you back to your own childhood feelings of that day. This year is somewhat special, with Dave's last year in HS, and Rach's first. You could see in their faces the anticipation. For Dave, going in with the privelidged role as a senior... taking his own car to school and driving his little sister. For Rach, the excitement of a new school, new environment, new teachers, great expectations. She already has been going to tryouts for JV Volleyball, and expects to make the team.

We ran out this morning to take a picture of the kids going off to school. Of course they were mortified. The kids ran to Daves car, rolled up the windows and drove off as quick as possible!

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