Tuesday, May 22, 2001

A tragic accident happened over the weekend to a Rockville HS kid at a post prom party at the beach in RI. The kids had dug a 6 foot hole in the sand, and were diving into it. Matt Gauruder dove head first into the pit, and the sand collapsed around him. The other kids (there were lots of friends with him) tried to dig him out, but the sand kept coming in around him. When they finally pulled him out, he had been buried for over 10 minutes. He was rushed to the hospital and kept on life support for some time, but they finally pulled the plug yesterday.... chilling. 17 year old kid, just horsing around. How does it affect the kids that were there with him and tried to save him.

Despite the tragedy at my son's school, it is a big day for Dave. He is running for class President (if they have the election) today, and he also has his test for his Drivers License. GOOD LUCK DAVID!

Oh yeah... we won in softball last night 15-2. Rach hits HR and double. I had a couple 6th grade kids from slow pitch playing up on our team. Sarah played an incredible defense in the infield.

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